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    Global Expansion . The Journey starts.....

    In current volatile market, it may be difficult to see the silver lining. However, opportunities do exist for those willing to move now. While there is no 'one' path to expansion, finding one's way always starts from here.

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    Experience Certainity

    Global Edge Services will help you experience certainty by reliably delivering business results, providing leadership to drive transformation and partnering for success.

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    Experience Results

    Global Edge will ensure certainty... not only were the deliverables completed on time, they were also done right the first time, with high quality..

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    Experience Partnership

    Global Edge will enable you to be faster and much more agile.


Global Edge is a dynamic company established within Australia in 2011.As a new company in Australia, our mission is to deliver the best quality services to many sectors like International trade , real estate and Education to various parts of the world.

We also offer communications and negotiaton support for all businesses, ventures and cultures between Australia and other countries. Global Edge is a privately owned Group operates under a diverse yet integrated business model which focuses on 3 key areas.

The organisation was established on a set of values and beliefs that remain apparent throughout the company today. We consistently strive to deliver each project in a competitive and cost effective manner. Additionally all projects are delivered on time, within budget and with an emphasis on quality, environmental initiatives and the safety of our workers and all stakeholders. We are committed to tailoring our approach to meet the ever changing needs and interests of our clients, the industry and the community.